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Odyssey of the Mind

Queens Lake Middle School

Team Auditions 2000-2001

What's your name?

What's your grade level?

What's your address?

What's your phone number?

1. Have you ever been on an OM team before? If so, describe your experiences.

2. What type of career field do you see yourself pursuing and why?

3. What type of activities are you currently participating in and about how many hours
per week are involved with each activity?

4. Describe the ways in which your parents are willing to assist our OM team?

5. Will you depend on the activity bus as your ONLY transportation from OM practices?.


6. What skills, talents, and special abilities will make you an asset to our OM team?

7. What are your hobbies, interests, favorite sports, etc.?

8. If your friends could describe you in THREE words, what would they be?

9. Please describe your philosophy of what an OM experience should be?

10. TEACHER FEEDBACK FORMS: Provide the name of three teachers to whom
feedback forms will be sent concerning particular characteristics which are essential to
participation in Odyssey of the Mind.




11. DISCLAIMERS - Please carefully read and respond to the following:

* I understand that Odyssey of the Mind is a big commitment.


* I fully understand that the scoring process in OM, including the selection of team
members, is subjective (meaning the opinion of the judges or coach). I also am fully
aware that the decision of the judges or coach is final.


* I understand that teacher feedback forms will be sent to teachers for information
concerning the following characteristics which are essential to OM: work ethic,
leadership, cooperation, attitude, peer relations, creativity, etc. I am aware that the
results of these feedback forms will be considered in my selection for participation.


* I understand that if I am chosen to be part of the team my actions will always be
reflective of a person who is dedicated to doing what is in the best interest of the
entire team. My dedicated participation is crucial to a well-developed team. If chosen to be
a part of this years OM team, I promise to participate in all activities (practices. team
building exercises/trips, etc.).


* I understand that within the heart of OM is the idea of divergent thinking. This
means that ALL ideas (no matter how unusual they seem) must be held in the
highest regard and given proper consideration. I understand that we all have
different realities in our minds, and diverse opinions must be allowed to flourish.


* I promise to represent Queens Lake Middle School, and the York County School
Division, with the highest degree of integrity humanly possible during all activities
in which the team participates.


Thanks for your application!