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Strict Building Codes

       Have you been driving around the York County/ Williamsburg area lately? This area is beginning to look like Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with all the cheap tourist attractions popping up so quickly. I have lived in York County for nine years, and I enjoy the historical character of the area. However, it appears that area builders, with the assistance of York County's lenient building codes, are trying to change that character.
       Pirate's Cove is supposed to be a great time of putt-putt for the family.  At first I was quite happy with the idea of a new place to have fun. But my mind quickly changed once I saw that Pirate's Cove was just a huge brown mound that kept growing skyward. When my parents and I drive by I have to turn my head, because I am so ashamed that York County gave permission to construct such an ugly structure.
        This just shows that York County does not care what is built in its boundaries, only how much money can be made in taxes. Why does James City County look so nice? Probably because it has such strict building codes, which York County needs badly. Have you ever wondered why Lowes was relocated from its original plot in James City County to where it stands today in York County? This is the effect of York County's minuimal requirments.
        If York County does not show concern about the way their land is used, our roadways will be lined with tacky tourist attractions. There will be no historic significance with Colonial Williamsburg, the place that gives the area its character.

                                                                                                                Kelly Engbersen
                                                                                                                Queens Lake Middle School
                                                                                                                Age 12

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