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Reminders and Procedures for the

Debbie Hayes Memorial Flea Market




  1. No RUNNING at ANY time!
  2. Make use of the Trash Cans positioned throughout the Convention Center!
  3. Be courteous!  It will be crowded in the Convention Center.  ANY actions that are deemed as being UNCOURTEOUS (arguing, shouting, pushing, etc.) will result in your IMMEDIATE removal from the Convention Center.
  4. Do not TOUCH any products that are covered by a “Vendor Unavailable” sign.  Doing so will result in your removal!
  5. When the CLOSING SIGNAL sounds, you must STOP selling IMMEDIATELY!





  1. Vendors will return to their HOMEROOM classes at the start of the SIXTH PERIOD block.  Mrs. Torry’s HR should report to Mr. Wright’s room and Mr. Carpenter’s HR should report to Mrs. Owens’ room).
  2. Classes will be directed to report to the Queens Lake Convention Center by an Event Staff Member!
  3. Once vendors enter the Convention Center, they will find their REFRIGERATED or FROZEN goods on the STAGE organized by HOMEROOMS.
  4. Upon entering the Convention Center, vendors should organize their booths and prepare them for sales.
  5. Once the OPENING SIGNAL sounds, vendors may begin selling and purchasing products (make CERTAIN to adhere to the RULES).
  6. When selling products, make CERTAIN to record at what price you sell EACH item (this is ESSENTIAL in creating your “demand curve” for the report).
  7. When the CLOSING SIGNAL sounds, IMMEDIATELY stop selling/buying and report to your booth to begin clean-up.  Make CERTAIN that all trash, tape, etc. is removed.  Pick up ANYTHING that is on the floor and make certain to help clean-up the ENTIRE Convention Center (this means that you MUST help pick up trash items that are NOT yours).
  8. Vendors will be signaled to return to their homeroom classes in the following order:  (1) Owens, (2) Farkas, (3) Schmeider, (4), DiMattia, (5) Wright & Sims.
  9. PLEASE bring all of your sales figures to your Civics classes TOMORROW in order to begin preparing the report.  A due date will be discussed in your classes.