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Research writing is an interesting topic! It can be the most fun activity a person has ever had or it can be the worst thing in the world! Everything depends on TWO very important issues: (1) a fascinating subject and (2) the methods used to find information relating to the subject.


You will be completing a research paper, with a length between 3 to 5 typed pages, on a specific topic within History & Social Science. This particular research paper should be viewed as the best piece of work you have completed in the seventh grade and should serve as a bridge to the eighth grade.


This is NOT an activity to cause you frustration at the end of the year. Rather, it is your chance to explore a topic of personal interest in great detail, and then share your findings. Following the development of your paper, you will undertake a 5 to 7 minute oral presentation whereby you: (1) talk about any interesting information discovered through your research, (2) discuss your experiences in completing the research, and (3) share a visual aid related to your subject.




This project will have the following components:

        Title page

        Specific topic

        Solid grammar, spelling, & sentence structure.

        MLA In-Text source citations

        Bibliography (divided into Primary & Secondary sources)






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NOTECARD/RESEARCH CHECK ____________________________________


ROUGHDRAFT/PEER EDIT ____________________________________


RESEARCH PAPER DUE DATE ____________________________________


ORAL PRESENTATION ____________________________________